Release tension, tone your face and neck muscles naturally.

Unveiling your Beauty from the inside out.

About Me

Welcome Beautiful!

You are in the right place if you are ready to Embrace your Beauty Naturally! I am Marylou Moglia and live in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest. My “heart” for you is to realize that You are already Beautiful, let me help you rediscover this truth and Unveil your Beauty. 

My Journey:

One day as I looked in the mirror I saw my older mom's face looking back at me. Yikes! Now I love my mom but I never thought my face would have the same lines, droopy features, and well....look old! Here I was in my 50's and I didn't look or feel beautiful. As a librarian I did what I do best....Research. What I found is that the world recommended artificial ways for me to look and feel better. I wanted a natural method that made my skin glow and where I embraced and celebrated my age with joy and vibrancy!

Face Yoga Discovery:

I rediscovered my authentic beauty by uncovering the old "lies" and re-learning how to love the skin I was in. Face Yoga is a process of rebuilding healthy, vibrant skin with mndset, self-talk, self-care and facial exercises that nutures and teaches you how to blossom at any age in life. revealing areas of tension, learning release techniques, awareness of habits, strengthening muscles and awakening others. As you work these muscles under your skin you'll increase oxygen, blood circulation in your face that benefits your skin, body and mindset. The best part is that this works!

I offer in person and online classes, workshops, group sessions, and individual instruction. Choose between live or virtual depending on your location, schedule, and life. My initial 30 minute consultation is always complimentary. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! 

Aren't You Ready to Unveil Your Beauty from the Inside Out?



*Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher

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