Forehead Focus...Furrows are for planting , NOT for foreheads!
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Do you have annoying 11 lines, furrows on your forehead, tension around your eye and forehead are?Then this series is for you!One of the reasons I became interested in Face Yoga was due to the fact that my forehead and brow area were lined and I had no idea how to talk, express my feelings, or even think without this area dancing. I just chalked it up to being expressive and living life. Who knew I could actually reverse this and understand how to use my facial muscles to still be expressive and live life without artificial means that paralyzed this area? I am proof that like me, you can smooth out your forehead and 11 lines, strengthen and tighten the skin around your eye area, increase scalp health, and release tension in these areas using a variety of techniques.Join Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher, Marylou Moglia for a 10 day micro series where we will target your forehead & brow area.

What to expect:

Learn the probable causes of these aggravating issues

Release techniques

Strengthening, toning exercises

Increase circulation and blood flow to these areas

Gain the skills to replicate these simple techniques on your own.

****This is "Complimentary" Class!

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